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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Highland Elementary School is to reach excellence at each learning level through quality teaching, educational experiences, measurable achievement, and partnerships with all who are involved in the students' lives.

   We Believe:

      ·        Our school will foster a love for learning by supporting and challenging the academic goals of each child.

      ·        Students will learn skills to achieve proficiency and beyond through a quality educational program consisting of technology, various teaching strategies, experiences, and high expectations.

      ·        Collaboration and communication within a school, system, and community are essential to making data derived decisions to help with student success. 

      ·        Polices and procedures are aligned to maintain a focus on achievement within a safe environment.


  About The School  

Highland's History

Highland School, situated on a commanding hill overlooking the town of Greeneville, was the third elementary school established in Greeneville. Currently, it is the oldest elementary school still in operation. Highland has undergone many changes since its inception as growth in population has triggered expansion and re-expansion of the school.

      Highland School opened its doors to students for the first time in the fall of 1933. The Greeneville Board of Education rented the first floor of a private residence at 205 Highland Avenue. This building housed grades one through three.

      In 1939, a residence was purchased at 208 Highland Avenue which became the core of the present Highland School. This building was renovated into a four room school which housed grades one through four.

      In 1953, a full-time principal was employed for the first time. Then, in 1955 a brick and block construction was built to replace the old four room frame residence. A new addition was constructed in 1959, due to an increase in population.

      In 1973, the school accommodated 334 pupils in grades one through six. The site was too small and the playground space was limited. The next year, the sixth-grade classes were moved to Greeneville Middle School in order to eliminate the over-crowded conditions. Highland School was then organized as a K-5 school.

      In the late 70's and early 80's, property was acquired that increased the playground size. Also many renovations took place including; new heating and cooling units installed, shelter over stairway to teachers' lounge, parking lot paved, and carpet was installed.

      In the fall of 1996, Highland adopted the year-round concept. The school calendar follows four terms, each consisting of approximately nine weeks with approximately three weeks in between for breaks. In the fall of 2012, Highland returned to the traditional calendar.

      In the Spring of 2013, Highland returned to the traditional calendar in order for dates in school to match more closely with state testing dates.

      The following people have served as principal of the school during its long history.

Mrs. Louise Donaldson

Mr. Roy Reynolds

Mr. A. C. Duggins

Mrs. Louise C. Chamberlain

Mr. Terry Sams

Dr. Brenda Thompson (Smith) Gulledge

Mr. Larry G. Neas

Mrs. Brenda Ottinger

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